Change can be good for you sometimes.

It has been a crazy nearly one week for me – with its ups and downs – downs being the fact that I am jobless and suffering from a slight ear infection (BLECK!)…ups being Harry Potter coming out and me going for second round interviews.

I spent the entire week keeping as busy as I can and now, it looks like I can enjoy whatever free time I have left.

Yes, you read it right.

I’ll have to enjoy whatever free time I have left because people, I’ll be starting work on 16th of August in Cyberjaya as a sub-editor.


Never mind that it is in another land by itself – pretty far but I plan to go by public transport. Never mind that I’ll probably have to bring my own lunch and change my gym membership to “Passport” instead of “Home. Never mind that I’ll be starting work immediately after my Vietnam trip.

It’s alright. New opportunities demand new changes. I’ll adapt. I’ll adjust.

It’s okay. Thanks to all for their support.



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