The days are slow…

Well, things have been slightly different now that I’m no longer working. People assume that I’m having a jolly good time taking a break but I somehow feel different about the whole thing. I wake up around the same time as well, and I still do housechores and stuff – like run errands, for my parents and boyfriend – not to mention go around hunting for jobs. In a way, it is work; in a way, it isn’t.

I now have more time to spend doing things like baking, gym-ing, travelling meeting friends and blogging – but somehow I just haven’t done all of those things except for the “meeting friends” and “travelling” bit. I spent most of my afternoon yesterday out. First to run errands and drop off some of my former colleague’s stuff and then lunch with my former students. I bumped into a couple of them at the local mall and well, we just hung around, talked, window shopped and that was it.

Note: I’m the type who just can’t stay at home and rot. Besides, my parents just gave me several assignments – design a website and business card for them over the next two weeks. I reckon I’ll have to start on it tomorrow – have a few ideas in mine, so we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, by the time I got back, it was time to shower, read some newspaper, chat with my parents, cook my dinner and then off to French class. Somehow in between all that, I got a call to attend an interview with a local education institute today around noon – which brings me to consider about a few things. What my options are should I get offers from both the industry and the education sector – bearing in mind that I might have to work overseas in the near future? I know it is too soon to tell but in my case, I reckon it never hurt to consider things like that.

Well, I best get started on breakfast now, if I want to get ready for my interview later. After that, it’s a visit to the gym and sauna there. ^_^

And because I was tagged by thesam117:

5 songs that I currently love (in no particular order):

  • We’ve Got Tonight by Kenny Rogers and Shena Easton
  • Cut Both Ways by Gloria Estefan
  • What Matters Most by Rankin Kenny
  • Belaian Jiwa by Innuendo
  • Imagine by Beatles

By the way, did I mention that Dad is thinking of installing a CD player in my car??? WHOPPPIEEE!!!!

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