The weekend has been quite good; have not felt this sudden surge in excitement over the prospects of a second interview (and of finding a job). Neither did I feel this rush in me about the simplest things in life – things that amuse me even though I have other things to worry about.

Job interview
I’m keeping my fingers crossed about this job interview – I went for it on Saturday morning. It was not a big interview, since it was conducted by a recruitment agency. There was a test for me to go through – proof-reading/editing test – and I spent the rest of the time just chatting with the consultant.

Was told that I stand a very good chance of being called in for the second round – since I did quite okay on the test and my profile is relevant and suitable for the job. Also, since the payroll for the position comes from Australia, it also looks like they can pay me what I ask for. Training is provided – and the office (in Cyberjaya, which is currently under expansion) is managed by the team from Australia and not here. I’m hoping to hear from the guy over the next few days – since he did mention that the Senior HR Consultant is very organized and efficient – apparently she normally contacts him within a few hours to a day at most.

I’m excited about this – well, I’m always excited about new opportunities, and new chances that allow me to showcase my potential, character and talent. Wish me luck!!! ^_^

Harry Potter Six
Was around KLCC during the launch – at Kinokuniya specially. There were plenty of copies lying around the two entrances and even during lunchtime, people were queuing up to pay RM99.90 for a copy of JK Rowling’s latest creation. And yes, I’m one of the few adults who follow the story – it’s not my fault if it is one of the more interesting fiction books around. To each their own, I suppose.

Anyway, I didn’t know if I really wanted to get the book since it is super expensive and I’m too tight on cash to afford an expense that I can do without at the moment. So I did the next best thing. I grabbed a copy – I was there early since my interview was in KL – found a quiet spot somewhere near the music section and read the first few chapters and the last two chapters. I pretty much know the ending but am confused over several things. It is something that I won’t discuss until I get a copy of the book and read it from cover to cover. Nil is going to help me check if the book is slightly cheaper in Singapore. He finds the craze of Harry Potter interesting.

I wonder if people went nuts over Enid Blyton back in the 80s.

Fantastic Four
The movie was…nothing big to shout about. I personally felt that the concentration on the drama between Reed Richards and Sue Storm plus Ben and Johnny actually overshadowed their fight with Dr Doom (Victor Von Doom). Sure, this is an intro but compared to the X-Men, this was a big disappointment. Was hoping to see more action, more insight into their abilities and etc…but all I had to go on was the soapy dialogue, brash stupid hero action from Johnny and Ben’s turmoil.

Although I must admit one thing: they managed to get the right people for the roles – reminded me a lot about the comic series – the only problem? Jessica Alba’s hair here looks pretty fake. The other saving grace? Call me a sucker for proposal scenes but the one in FF was kinda sweet with Mr Smart but Dumb proposing to Sue Storm with a piece of wreckage from the cosmic storm thingie.

Honestly…I’d rather stick to the comic series.

Cooking, actually baking!
High on my to-cook list is tiramisu, some cookies and perhaps a cheesecake as well – for my former colleagues and some of my students. They are starting ‘school’ tomorrow and I’ll be meeting up with them just to say goodbye and stuff like that. Not to mention that I need to drop off some things to one of my former colleagues.

But yeah, I’m thinking of shopping for the ingredients sometime on Thursday morning, make it that night – need to check with Mum on the availability of space in the fridge – and hopefully, if everything goes good, get it out to my colleagues on Friday afternoon as dessert. If I can’t find ingredients, I’ll probably settle on making some chocolate orange cheesecake since Mum bought some oranges from the pasar malam today.

I’m thinking of fine-tuning some of my cookie recipes, probably investing in a scrapbook of my own and write down the cookie recipes. Examples? My lemon/citrus/orange shortbreads, peanut cookies, butter cookies, etc…

My bookshelf is overflowing with books now – I have resorted to shoving about nearly fifty thin books into my cupboard simply because I have nowhere else to keep them. I also have two small boxes with reading material I used for work. First on my list will be to sort out one of my drawers (my bed had two big drawers under them) and place those books in them. Alternatively, I’d have to go through my entire collection, pull out books I don’t want and sell them to a second-hand store. Problem is I am not too sure where to go. Paylessbooks doesn’t want them. Any ideas?

Once that is done, I’ll be catalogue-ing my books and start reading some of the stuff which I have been meaning to but never ever had the time to go through. My huge Jane Austen book, Mists of Avalon, and other classics/contemporary fiction. I don’t think I’ll list them here – too lazy. :p

I think that should do it for now. What a weekend!!!

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