The ever lovely faces of Beijing – Part II (Forbidden City)

One man’s home AND prison. How shocking it must have been for Pu Yi to have suddenly be forced out of his home – the only place he ever knew – into a world he had never seen of or experienced for himself. Such a pity – a man of his ‘noble’ blood to have died a simple gardener. It is the place where hopes are made, politics and alliances are forged and destinies determined.

Enjoy the several pictures that are coming up next…

The Forbidden City – once the home of one man, thousands of his wives/lovers/concubines, and workers. Today, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of tourists swarm the place, walking through its doors – free to wander in and out as they please. A luxury that the Emperor of China never officially had until the fall of the empire.

One of the regal ‘thrones’ in which the Emperor would place himself in. From it, he would rule the fate of millions of Chinese and dictate how China itself would journey into the future. Since I don’t read Chinese AND I know for a fact that this is not the golden throne, I have a faint idea as to where I took this picture (just that I forgot!) – anyone care to remind me?

One of the two golden lions busy safeguarding one of the Halls in the Forbidden City.

The gardens. Since the many ladies and the emperor himself could not partake of nature’s beauty outside the palace walls, he ordered them to be brought to him instead. Unfortunately it didn’t stop him from sneaking outside to partake in other forms of beauty.

The beauty of one of the many doors that held its occupants imprisoned for many a century. Nearly all of the doors in the Forbidden City have some sort of lock or barricade on it, testament to its ‘dark’ purpose.

A closer look at the door leading to one of the more private rooms in a quiet section in the Forbidden City.

A bird’s eye view of the city in all its splendour.

ps: If you want to get to the entire album, just head on here but beware – the captions are all in French (courtesy of Nil). ^_~

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