Just a few thoughts…

…after being foistered with some wine from Dad…

Therefore, be warned – drunken ramblings ahead.

1. Ex-boyfriend found this blog (he excuses it to moments of idleness) and read everything – even the bad bits. Honestly, not that I give a damn (why should I anyway? It’s my blog so I’ll say whatever I want – within the boundaries of good taste and the truth!). After all, I’m not like his sister who goes around screaming hell and all that about me stalking her just coz she found out that I read her very public blog. Anyway, Nil thinks the ex is trying to get back into my good shoes but no matter. Don’t really bother. After all, if I didn’t want anyone to read this, I wouldn’t make it public, now, would I? *winks*

2. I scaled the Great Wall of China – two stations, 10km in total, from Jinshanling to Simatai. The trek through Jinshanling was fine – since a greater part of the length was already repaired but the worst came when crossing Simatai because the Simatai section is very very steep, narrow and in ruins. My muscles hurt really badly now – which makes me wonder how will things fair when Nil and I decide to go to the Hunan Mountains (in November) and Alps (in December).

3. I start work tomorrow – not so fun simply because boss decided to be a pain and email me with stuff to do over Tuesday and Wednesday knowing that I’ll only be back tomorrow – which is a Thursday. I think she needs some reading glasses.

4. I’ll be away from the 9th to 11th of June for a conference in Singapore and have spent a better part of the day wondering how on earth to get to Singapore BEFORE the conference without skipping French class on the 8th evening. Probably might just end up taking the bus since AirAsia was and still is unreliable – the train would simply take too long. -.-

Okay…so I’m sleepy – I’ve got train and jet lag. French was a bomb today – we picked up stuff about the weather and even though it just got harder, I’m happy. At least I got to practice some very basic French with a group of retired French ladies I met in the toilet at the end of Simatai Great Wall.


Bonne nuit!

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