Greetings from Changi airport!

And am enroute to Beijing. Am fiddling with the free internet comps here just to kill time since the flight is due to take off at only 9:30am.

Just wanted to say this:

HAVING CHILDREN DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO CUT INTO A QUEUE. Especially at 7am and in an airport together with another groups of impatient people waiting to go home/holiday/business trip/etc.

I should have told the guy that I was pregnant, thus have every right to be in front of him – just to show him how stupid his excuse was.

Anyway, he went on to make a big fuss out of things when he could just as easily fall behind everyone who was in a queue and waiting quite patiently. In the meantime, I got my tickets and fumed as the four monks behind me piled on their boxes and luggage at the check-in counter (and this was before the lady was done with the check-in for me and Nil). She nicely told him off after giving me a mischevious grin and then a roll-eyes-to-the-back-of-the head look at them. :p

So yeah…the wonderful perils of travelling.

Oh, did I mention that Changi airport immigration gives out Foxx sweets??? Yummeh! Even though they are bad for your teeth. *hehehehe*

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