Beijing here I come!


I’m finally off on a long-awaited and long-desired holiday…another plus thing is that the country I’m heading to is out of South East Asia. XD

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Yes, I’ll be off on my journey to the city that houses the Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China among many other wonders of the modern world. But of course, a first stop down south since this trip is completely financed by the ever lovely boyfriend.

Now, don’t be jealous. Nil doesn’t pamper me with flowers, expensive gifts or chocolates. So he compensates by making sure that I destress and keep him company on holidays. He loves travelling and frankly so do I. ^_^ Plus it provides me with ample opportunities for loads of pictures like our trip to Thailand earlier this year.

Anyway, I’m leaving tomorrow for Singapore and then to Beijing on Friday morning, only to be back in Singapore on the 24th and in KL (for my French class) on the 25th of May, so don’t miss me too much and have fun during the long weekend.

Bon weekend!

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