Basil II – Pictures ONLY

Courtesy of one of my students, Hsin. Many thanks girl!

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Notice the plastic sheet on top? I actually have to cover the tank with a transparency film (with a hole cut out to drop food in as well as provide some air for the fish) AND a plastic cover – after my experiences with Basil I. Also, I made a background/side cover from A4 white paper, so that he doesn’t get confused with the wires and what-not running behind the tank to the computer. In case you are wondering what the white thing is and the jar of stuff the white thing is on…scroll down. :p

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Sorry you can really see his colours here simply because Hsin didn’t use her flash to capture a picture of him and the lighting wasn’t exactly shining on him. PLUS I don’t have Photoshop at work to brighten the picture up. I’ll insert one edited picture of him later. ^_^

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My tank set up at work. It is right next to my computer – so quite warmed up with the hot air and what not – and it has a plant on top left and a snowman on the right for company. Sometimes it stares on the snowman’s red nose.

If you look closely, you’ll see the three different stuff I feed Basil II – Daphnien, Bloodworms and the pellets. The cup is for Basil II when I change his tank water and the knife is to scope out excess food plus for dropping in softened food (I normally dip the Bloodworms in some water before feeding it to him). The yellow bottle is for water treatment.

What’s behind? My workstation partition. :p

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