Awww fishy!

Studies have shown that pet owners have lower blood pressure and are well…more relaxed than non-pet owners. It doesn’t matter if you have a cat, fish or even bird. Animals have this strange yet wonderful capability of just bring a smile to our faces and brightening/relaxing our day.


After having put some thought into seriously de-stressing myself, I succumbed to my more ‘natural’ instincts and got myself a fish – a Siamese Fighting Fish, to be exact – for my workstation/office. Someone suggested getting a hamster but I felt that it was pretty high maintainence, required more space (which I don’t have), AND it could stink up the place. Did I fail to mention that the hamster could get more stressed out with all the traffic than me??? So fish it was…and fighting fish – simply because they are quite a hardy species.

This afternoon, I went out to get a squarish tank, filled it with colourful white, green and purple huge ‘beads’ and scouted around for a lovely looking blue-red fish with very nice fins and tail-end, I must say – all in the 20 minutes! ^_^

Watching it swimming around and getting used to being in a big tank (it was previously in a jar) made me smile and honestly, it made me more relaxed. But I felt that the tank was too bare, especially more so after reading about how fishes prefer some cover to hide in case they get scared or stressed out. So after French class this evening, I went out and got a couple of plastic plants (just two because despite how it sounds, my tank ain’t thatttttt big!) and a termometer for the tank – just to check if the temperature gets too low for Basil.

Yes, I name all my pets…including my fishes and runaway turtle.

Am definitely looking forward to spending more time at my workstation – not so much for work or quiet time – but just to destress. My cubicle looks so cool now – well, or so I think. ^_~


ps: Pictures will come soon once I get batteries for my camera. LOL!

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