For love alone…

A while back I made a comment on The Hustler Diaries about one of his entries on – what a surprise – Mat Sallehs. And hear ye, hear ye…I had a reply to it – not from Hustler himself but from his reader.

Scarfer – You are biased! Why? Because you have a qweilo bf! I read your blog, you know! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself – you are an asian woman too rite? – Asian Gal

And it compelled me to make a statement.

Make no mistake about it. I find Hustler’s entries to be amusing but fear that it may come across as bigotry and racist in some manners to other readers who are not of the same race or line of thinking as he is. I believe that he means well. He means to inject humour into many things that we take for granted…but reality dictates that there are and will be some people out there who think otherwise. And thus, I made my comment – expressing my neutral position (in the words “It’s funny yet it’s not funny. It’s candid yet it is bigotry at work. Just goes to show that some things never do change here.”)

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