PICTURES: Hatyai & Krabi – Part I

Of Krabi

The early morning view of a sleepy little town called Krabi…from my ‘hotel’ that is.

And the other street…

(NG) Me and NG stumbled upon this little shop sometime during one of our exploration walks in the morning after the night we arrived. Y’know, some shops are meant to undergo a name make-over. @_@

(Pascal) A view of the jetty at Krabi – warning: there are three in this town and each are ports for different locations.

Onward ho to Railay Beach!!!

(NG) The view of Railay from the longtail boat. The trip took us slightly over 45 minutes…

(Pascal) A view of Railay close-up…

(Pascal) Another view of Railay during high tide

(Pascal) West Railay Beach – where all the ang mohs are…not to mention the activities like kayaking, snorkelling, boat trips, etc!

(NG) Bikini claded babe juxtapose against the hills of Railay…btw, she’s attached to the guy in the water!

(Pascal) The views from the kayaking…why he took this, I have no idea…maybe because it led to the following pictures below:

Inside the cave…

Another shot of the cave…

(NG) The beach…there are countless and I have no idea which one this is. -.-

(Pascal) Another view of the many little hidden spots around…

(Pascal) NG in the T-shirt he lost during our little capsizing accident on this little hill he climbed before jumping into the ocean. He’s nuts…and I LOVE HIM!

(Pascal) A picture of me kayaking and navigating the ‘hidden spots’. I kept going round and round the hill that NG was on…with them screaming instructions at me not to go too far away!

(Pascal) The beach we ended up on – Phra Nang – took a stop here because it was quiet…and it was good! Got a tan and some fun soaking with NG holding onto me. Saltwater kisses are fun! *winks*

(Pascal) Mon cheri hanging onto this rope affixed to the cliff. He later climbed that cliff and cannonballed down! @_@

(Pascal) The pathway to the top of the cliff…

(NG) A picture of one of the rolling hills…so many of them… @_@

(NG) And the bottom of that hill! Notice the colour of the water – it’s really clear and there are tonnes of small schools of fish…gorgeous!

(NG) And then it started getting darker…and it rained really heavily and we three idiots kayaked out to another group of ‘islands’ and something happened. GAH!

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