We are together.

As of 21st September 2004, thescarfer is officially someone’s girlfriend.

*insert a big “YAY!” here*

More importantly, the girlfriend of someone kind, gentle and loving – lets just hope he stays that way. ^_~ But yes, after an emotionally abusive relationship and ten long months of moving on (AND trying to get rid of the hurt…doing everything possible including trying to make the Ex’s life a misery), she is finally happy.

Never mind that he is not good looking, or has a little belly, or that he is a good one head and a shoulder taller than her. Does that all matter? She has a belly (she calls them spare tyres) too…and she is not pretty. Cute maybe but not pretty. At least they have one thing in common: gorgeous eyes – hers are dark velvety chocolate and his a kaledeiscope of brown and green.

How it happened? Well, he brought up the topic again last night – or did she (who knows?) – she gave it a little bit thought, threw caution to the wind and said a resounding yes. They will be celebrating this occassion (or at least she is planning to celebrate it – thescarfer always celebrates every occassion that is not of common occurance in the everyday life!) when he comes to visit in slightly over a week’s time.

She is excited but more importantly, she is pleasantly spooked – as if this was a first love all over again. And there is this little bubble of hope, eternal happiness and peace in her – somehow erasing her fears and pains behind. She is no longer unsure of herself unlike how she was in the past but confident and stronger – and more importantly, he likes her this way.

What makes her happier is that this time, she caught an affectionate man who is more about action than talking. He calls her, he talks to her whenever he can online or otherwise, he makes sure that she is happy (he warned one of his friends not to tease her because that friend upsets her a lot), he is touchy-feely (*winks*), he is not afraid to tell people about her, he comes up every week to see her – or whenever he can and he sure is more confident than most men she know. It is an important criteria for thescarfer as she tops most regular men in terms of intellect and maturity.

Her students remarked that she has been absolutely glowing and utterly radiant. It is as if a new lease on life (and ultimately love) has been given to her.

Hope floats, they say. Now she truly and wonderfully believes in it. Funny how life has a way of turning things around.

We will see if many good things will come out of this man…and thescarfer has a good feeling about that.


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