It has been a long day at work today. Tonnes of people coming in to see me, asking questions left and right about the stuff that they are suppose to do and here am I sitting and going “Didn’t you people learn anything during this past six months?” *sighs* And to think that this job actually makes me happy. While it does – really, it does! – it is during times like this that actually stresses me out. The paperwork, the stuff to grade, the reports to compile…damn am I looking forward to going off for my vacation in July!

And that is when I’m going to get yarn AND MORE YARN to do more knitting! I have a bunch of patterns to try out, not to mention another five more scarves to knit. Work hasn’t been kind to my knitting. I haven’t touched my knitting needles in days now and just after knitting one line, I got another person coming in to see me. *sighs*

The vacation just has to come SOON!

…on the side, there is a thunderstorm going on around here. I hate it when it rains that heavily here – the lightning, the thunder, ugh! While it is cooling and refreshing, it doesn’t work for me in terms of creating a nice ambience. I prefer showers, soft gentle showers of raindrops – and me just curling up on a sofa and doing some reading. Something which I often do while I was in Australia, studying – during winter, me in my warm fuzzy socks…

They say that people who like thunderstorms are people who have noisy minds and souls – meaning they can’t find peace or enjoy the wonders of a calm mind/soul. I wonder if that is true.

Hmm…I’ll stop here for now. Will be back to add more. I so want to go home. Bleh. Am stuck here in the office while it pours like crazy outside. >

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